Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More
Elisa Viperas
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Velenth is a Dark Lord, full of dirty tricks and dark intrigue. He’s not exactly the kind of ruler his people might have wanted, but he’s helped them out a lot, improving the economy and the sewer system.

He’s even creating a new fashion statement with his dark and dipped in black ways. So why is he so lonely? Velenth knows just what he needs, so he decides to put out a personal ad. For friendship, maybe more. Can he find what he needs in this hilarious fantastical romp?


For a book that’s supposed to be comedy, the laughs in this story come with a snap of sharp teeth.

I have no problem admitting that in the past I’ve done or said things that make me squirm and slap myself on the forehead whenever I think about them now, years after the fact. In this, I highly doubt I’m very different from the rest of humanity. Elisa Viperas has a pure genius for digging around for exactly those kinds of awkward situations for her characters, and holding up these less-than-shining moments to be slyly mocked. That’s why this book is so incredibly funny – because the situations are so instantly recognizable. Haven’t we all been enamored of ugly shoes at some point in our lives, and haven’t we all made at least one Huge Mistake when it comes to romance? And don’t we all hate unicorns in some dark corner of our hearts, just the tiniest bit?
Dark Lord Seeking is not just 113 pages of one-liners and slapstick, though. The humor in the story is sometimes quite subtle. For instance, Reynard, the long-suffering advisor (who also happens to be an elf), reminds me very strongly of those second-generation hippies who leave their parents’ communes as soon as they legally can, change their names from things like “Freedom Spring Moon” to “Ralph,” and succeed at a young age in careers such as law enforment and accounting, to their parents’ ever-lasting shame and confusion.
For anyone thinking of fan-girling the elf, you should be warned: just like every other character in the story, Reynard proves Viperas’ point that one can’t afford to stubbornly cling to one’s expectations when it comes to dealing with other human beings (or human-like beings).
I find that I actually have very little to say about this story that isn’t a spoilery of some kind. And given the fact that this book is a comedy, spoilers would be akin to screwing up the punchline of a joke – I don’t think anyone would appreciate me for that. Certainly Viperas gives me nothing to criticize. Her characterization is sublime, the plot is fast-paced and hilariously funny, the details are rich, the writing is excellent. Every possible layer to this story is satisfying, and there’s nothing I would have wanted her to change. I strongly recommend this book to other readers. For one thing, Viperas deserved the monetary reward for writing this novel, in the form of royalties. For another thing, readers themselves deserve to finally discover this shining diamond, especially if anyone else out there has been reading through as much muck lately as LdDurham and I have been.
And for the people who find themselves looking for more from Viperas, she has at least two other books in eBook form, that can be also be found here. If anyone else finds something I haven’t seen yet, please drop us a note. I’d like to know.

Okay, this one is not pure craziness, but it sure is just as fun. We have our Dark and Evil Prince, Velenth, who really just wants a little regular nooky with a lovin’ feeling. His closest employees realize that their prince is, gasp, lonely. So, they begin a search for a likely candidate to be a dark lord’s companion.

And even when you are a dark and evil prince, dating still really sucks.

Every character in this book is just fantastic. Each one has a purpose and each of their voices is unique and perfect. Even the prospective companions are perfectly rendered. Velenth in his “sexy boots” with spikes all over them; The long-suffering advisor who just wants to be able to cuddle his ledgers in peace; The Bodyguard who can kill with barely a sound and yet enjoys a particular way of dressing on her days off. These characters are ones that just leap off the page and become very real.

As you can guess from just the title alone, humor drives this book. From the first page, this book had me giggling out loud. At points, I teared up in mirth. The search, the dates gone terribly wrong, the aftermath, it was all hilarious. It was the kind of humor that always gets me: dry and witty and full of references to real life situations and pop culture.

There is an actual story under all the snappy comebacks, silliness, and painfully funny dating. And it has a brilliant resolution.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who just wants a good laugh with your gay romance. If you enjoy the humor prevalent in the T.V. show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I think you’ll enjoy this book. I know I’m very happy to have seen this on Elisa Rolle’s journal! A total treat!